These days if you’re friend asks you the status of a relationship you can’t give the simple answer of dating, or if you’re boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. Now it’s, “We’re talking… we haven’t been on a date yet but we text till midnight…we know so much about each other….” To me that makes no sense.

Relationships are tricky, can be messy, and are generally really complicated. This is true when you’re 17, in high school, and don’t have a solid grasp on how to cover up zits. But it’s also true when you’re 25, have your own health insurance and cell phone plan, but happen to be drinking wine in the afternoon.

I have this fear, a feeling that forces itself into my brain as reality, that I won’t achieve any of my goals. The thoughts paralyze me and yet drive the adrenaline through my body as I begin to mentally and emotionally panic.


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