Joe Biden

The founding of our Republic has been subject to so much revisionist history over the years that sometimes, as a layman, it’s hard to really know what to believe.

What I loved about Clippy was his or her resilience, loyalty, and the fact that s/he didn’t judge me when, early in ninth grade, I typed into the box that said “What can I help you with?” the words “My mom buys my boxers still. Is that OK?”

I also want to point out that despite Mr. Eastwood’s relentless verbal attacks, I was generally pretty polite throughout the whole speech. Besides for those few outbursts, I quietly checked my email and played a few rounds of Words with Friends with Biden and let Mr. Eastwood do his thing.

In an event that took place last Wednesday, Orlando Sentinel “pool reporter” (transcriber) Scott Powers found himself sequestered in a large closet or storage room in the mansion of millionaire Alan Ginsburg. Scott was there to cover a fundraising event for Senator Bill Nelson of Florida where Vice President Joe Biden was slated to speak.


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