I believe the main reason that the younger generation is abandoning Christianity is the fact that they simply can’t relate to Jesus Christ’s fashion sensibilities. Let’s face it—the “Jeez Steez” is totally early 90s, totally “grunge”: Ewww!

It’s a matter of posture, a mode of standing in the world, towards the world, towards your self: a question of what you seek, I suppose, even if what you seek is the end of seeking.

And though Jesus had made the two women, composed their breasts from nothing, even caused the sun to rise and give them that slightest twinge of brown, he couldn’t help but regret making their forms so healthy.

I’m not going to lie and say that birth control is not most commonly used for preventing pregnancy, but — a woman’s right to her own freaking sexuality aside — denying a woman with severe endometriosis access to much needed birth control is downright cruel. It’s wrong, plain and simple. And it isn’t my brand of Christianity.


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