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Gravestoned is a collection of non-fiction short stories about death and drugs. Kelly shares personal tales of her brother’s drug addiction, his subsequent death, and her own habits growing up.

Did you see all my new tweets? Seems like the quality of my tweets rises in direct correlation with the amount of free time I have. Like my tweets are so amazing at this point, I think I should publish them as a book of tweets called Brad’s Hilarious Tweets.

I used to reassess my budget every time the price of cigarettes ballooned. “They’re $11 now? Okay… switching to one-ply toilet paper and ordering the $5 Miller High Life / Whiskey combo until my next paycheck comes. That oughta do it.”

People are quick to look down on others who aren’t fitting the mold. The irony is that your friend who works as a barista, sleeps with a lovely assortment of people, and gets stoned before watching Intervention might be happier than you—the young professional with a dog.

After spending two hours at my house behaving like a zombie, my mother fell backwards into my walk-in closet. The doors had come down and she had hit her head on the floor. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I’ve never written about it before and it feels strange doing so now, but it’s important because that day was what made her go to rehab.