I quickly glanced at my blog’s Facebook page and noticed quite a few messages. Something was up. Most of the emails were from people I didn’t know, and all focused on the same topic: Did you know you’re a meme?

Making out with this dude is kosher, but once genitalia get involved, things turn nightmarishly flaccid, and suddenly you don’t know if he’s lying to himself or if you’re just too gross for him. I avoided this scenario by the skin of my teeth.

Yet I’m oddly unworried, floating backward on this conveyer belt into what I’m told will be a “very loud” machine, an MRI for these headaches that plague me each day. The sounds are loud, unbelievably so, but I feel good, safe in a moment where all I can do is surrender to stillness, close my eyes and breathe.

It draws more eyeballs (traffic) than Amazon, Hulu, and Facebook. It changes the dynamics of the typical one-sided viewing experience. It is exploding in growth and audience size every single month. You might be shocked that it is not only free, but people also voluntarily choose to pay for what some people call their replacement for television.


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