Ernest “Papa” Hemingway has been dead for over fifty years, which means he hasn’t been around to experience the creation of milestone achievements like a cell phone, the internet, or yoga pants. But you’d be foolish to argue that his imprint has ever diminished in modern culture.

Like the letters of our literature, we too as a society see things in black and white, and to ignore that fact is to ignore a long, profoundly ingrained struggle in our country’s history.

I have been in fights. I have been mugged. Death is something that I accept and have accepted ever since my friend jumped off the library of NYU. I am afraid of dying with my glasses on. I am afraid of sleeping with my contacts on.

2. Stop going outside. …Don’t you get a weird feeling when you go outside? Like all the skyscrapers and buildings are going to topple down on you? Give in to that feeling. Become that feeling.

Mark Zuckerberg, for example. Arguably, the leader of my generation. Multi-billionaire, Facebook creator. Man? Absolutely not. Let’s look at what he really created. Mark Zuckerberg created a site that basically annoys everyone and wastes our time.


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