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HBO’s Girls

I tell myself that it’s just the weather, that after I break out of my winter doldrums I will happily waltz into the Washington Sports Club every day at 5:30 pm and get in shape for (eek) bikini season. Of course I will.

As the episode continued, the sight of Lena Dunham in the green bikini became less shocking. We began to notice other things about the character – and even forgot that she was wearing a bathing suit at one point.

If you have roommates, don’t clutch the pearls when it’s their day of the week to dance around in their underwear. When you sign a lease with a person, there is an unwritten agreement that you will be okay with the sight of them without pants.

I’m trapped in a jail cell with walls made of Lena Dunham’s outfits in Girls and Michael Cera’s squeaking voice — awkwardness used to be the new cool and now it seems it here to stay and I’m suffocating from all of the tension.