growing up

I am currently an ex-cheerleader. I did the whole thing — little kid cheer, high school cheer, college cheer. I did it right up until college graduation actually, and despite years of growing distant from the sport I MISS IT.

So, what changes? There is a shift in focus. In three words: confidence, gratitude, and purpose. Don’t be mistaken, even 30-year-olds falter, but the 20s build-up come together to offer more of these three than you’ve had before.

Our minds struggle with the memory of our childhood fears, encapsulated by an adult body and brain. It’s an interesting paradox to live in: to understand something with an adult brain, manipulated partially by a childhood view.

When my high school’s drama program announced the spring show, Les Miserables — one of the most beautiful and tragic broadway musicals to date — I couldn’t bring myself to audition. Aspirations were questioned. They were changing.


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