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growing up

Aries: You fall back in love with your life by opening your eyes to opportunities that you would typically overlook. Anything that’s loud, exciting, or invigorating will always catch your eye, but you truly ‘wake back up’ when you remember that joy and thrill can be found even in the little things.

You know that even though you’re going to miss this place terribly and painfully, you are still going to be okay. You’re not going to live in the past or obsess over how great life used to be. Instead, you’re going to treasure this time here and be thankful for the person it turned you into, and then you’re going to enter the real world and keep living your life just as wholeheartedly as you did here.

I spent a lot of time just waiting for my situation to change on its own, but that just isn’t how life works. We are in control of our own lives, and sometimes that is uncomfortable.