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On one hand, we use the internet in a very public way. We tweet pictures of our food, send work emails and talk with our friends. A lot of what we do is meant for public consumption. On the other, the internet is also used to indulge in our most private fantasies.

I spent the next few hours in my version of a K-hole, which was watching Kate Bush’s music video for “Babooshka” 8,000 times while listening to Pedro talk about Belle & Sebastian B-sides. Despite the lackluster ambience, I was still excited. After all, my plan appeared to be working.

It is no secret that Google and Facebook – the two websites that are quickly becoming what I think the collective psyche is beginning to treat simply as ‘the internet’ – use algorithms to determine how relevant content is to individual users. But at this year’s TED conference, executive director Eli Pariser pointed out some unfortunate side effects to such personalized content streams.

Jon Rafman is a lucky man for at least two reasons: (1) his priceless sensibility is a veil through which he sees a more beautiful world, a precious one that reaches such a state through the very aesthetic of non-preciousness; (2) he, through scouring the near infinite territory of Google street views, is statistically even able to consistently find universal moments of “condensed being” which would make the greatest haiku poet weep.

In Uppercut, the concept of violence as reality check is at the core. Gints Klimanis and his fellow fighters engage in 60-second garage-based warfare as a reminder, to themselves if no one else, that they are more than their work. It’s the pursuit of living life a little deeper, as Klimanis says toward the end of the film. For many of these men, the fights are as much a defining moment as writing code or engineering software.

Get assigned a three-page paper in English class and feel pressure behind your eyes. Sit at home with nothing to do. If someone calls you to do something say you have homework. Look at your laptop. Turn on MTV Jams. Imagine you are living a life better than the one you actually are living.