Jon Rafman is a lucky man for at least two reasons: (1) his priceless sensibility is a veil through which he sees a more beautiful world, a precious one that reaches such a state through the very aesthetic of non-preciousness; (2) he, through scouring the near infinite territory of Google street views, is statistically even able to consistently find universal moments of “condensed being” which would make the greatest haiku poet weep.

In Uppercut, the concept of violence as reality check is at the core. Gints Klimanis and his fellow fighters engage in 60-second garage-based warfare as a reminder, to themselves if no one else, that they are more than their work. It’s the pursuit of living life a little deeper, as Klimanis says toward the end of the film. For many of these men, the fights are as much a defining moment as writing code or engineering software.

Get assigned a three-page paper in English class and feel pressure behind your eyes. Sit at home with nothing to do. If someone calls you to do something say you have homework. Look at your laptop. Turn on MTV Jams. Imagine you are living a life better than the one you actually are living.

Being considerate can be a powerful tool in your daily and long-term struggle to not become an angry, jealous, out-of-control, earnestly depressed person who feels frustrated and cheated all the time.

Google “how to make money online.” Look at website after website, written by people claiming to make $800+ a month by doing absolutely nothing!!! Click on a link. Click on another link. Become no more informed on how to make money online. Look at the time. Realize four hours has passed.

People who select “busy” as their GChat status, which turns the circle next to their name red, are not usually busy. When you type something to a “busy” contact, the program warns: “[Contact] is busy. You may be interrupting.” “May,” indeed. If they were busy, they’d be invisible.

There are 70 drafts in my Blogger account re 2009/my blog. Some were posted then unposted. Some have never been seen by other people…until now…in that here are 10 of them (unedited and in blockquotes), arranged in an increasingly bleak manner, with commentary from me.