You see why anyone would be lucky to love her. And then you see his face next to hers and he pales in comparison. She’s lovely…and come to think of it, you’re quite lovely too. And you realize that he’s the one who’s undeserving of it all.

They do things that suggest they desire further commitment but in reality that’s not what they want. I have yet to determine if it is because they are just “too nice” of guys or just plain oblivious.

The beginning of a relationship can be a tricky course to navigate. Guys (like me) aren’t that great at guessing what women think or want and our stupidity often lead to otherwise easily avoidable arguments. Setting basic rules with your new flame may help you get past the small stuff and start enjoying your lives together.

I have grown increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of you flitting around the edges of my online existence, occasionally leaving me clues that amount to your trendy-shoed footprint. It drives me to the kind of vapid paranoia I have never experienced before, and loathed in other people.


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