Gender Norms

My parents raised me well, but sometimes I wish my mother had taught me to be “girly.” I was urged to ride bikes and play with the Ninja Turtle action figures I preferred over the Barbies and similar pink trappings…

I appreciate my body for some of the ways it helps me out. In the summertime, I get mosquito bites on my ankles because they can’t navigate through my hairy legs. Who am I for judging a girl who enjoys a little insulation in the winter months?

Men will say, “I just don’t think you and I are right for each other,” when really the man means to say, “I think I could find someone that’s more attractive than you, so that’s what I’m going to do now.”

There wasn’t some Mrs. Dalloway moment where I said, “I think I’ll buy the flowers myself!” aka “I think I’ll eschew all sexuality categories and forge my own path ahead, thus infuriating my brethren of various sexual orientations for always and eternity!”


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