If you have good friends, you have angels. Angels that protect you from those trying to do your harm, angels that make sure you don’t lose yourself and angels that will be there to save you when you’re about to ruin your life.

We lied to everyone didn’t we? We were never friends. Soulmates maybe, but never friends. Because friends don’t speak like lovers, friends don’t get tangled up in each others arms, friends don’t accidentally touch fingers and never let go.

The boy blames others for his shortcomings; the man figures out how to eliminate or mitigate them. The boy does the bare minimum in order to get by; the man does more than his share of the task, one hundred percent and then some. The boy believes that the world owes him something; the man knows he must earn everything. The boy avoids the consequences of his actions; the man accepts them, no matter how painful.