Falling In Love

I want to spend each day with you. I want us to wake each morning with a smile, and when we don’t, I want you to fight the tension with a silence we know won’t last.

Now, I’m still living with the repercussions of your carelessness. I’ve come a long way from the idealistic person I used to be – I do not believe in recklessly falling in love, I believe loving someone is simply a choice you make, with calculated risks involved.

You’ve been through it time and time again: consuming heartbreak that does nothing less than turn your life upside down. You’ve also taken away countless lessons. Maybe you’ve even made up with said heartbreaker(s) and have moved on in your own right.

Love is a mixture of unpredictability and serendipity, but it’s also an oxymoron too in that it’s down to cause and effect. It can bite you with force, it can whisk you away in unbridled passions and sometimes sink you down a deep abyss.