Falling In Love

When it’s there, you dismiss it. Whenever an opportunity of love knocks on your door, you are keen to see it, only to reject it afterwards. This isn’t to say that you despise love. In fact, you would actually love to try it. It’s just that you don’t really know what to do or how to respond to such situation.

But when someone is worth it, I’ll throw on a life-jacket and dive into icy waters. When someone is funny and kind and reminds me life is fragile and unpredictable, I want to take the risk. I want to go all in.

If you fall in love with me I can’t promise you it will be pretty. I can’t tell you I’ll make you breakfast on lazy Sunday’s. I can’t pretend that I won’t love you too much some days and not be able to even love myself others.

And that was the moment I knew.
That was the moment I knew that I wanted to wake up next to you every morning. 
When I knew that you were the one I always wanted to get drunk off my ass with, the one I wanted to cry with, and the one I wanted to be happy with.
 I knew that I always wanted to share everything with you.

Hating you, feeling wronged by you, dismissing what we had, what you’ll have with someone else- anything would be so much easier than this. Because I want you to be happy. More than anything in the world. But you’re going to fall in love without me.