Falling In Love

Love does not seek out the best of the best and leave everybody else behind. Love does not look you up and down and then decide to move onto someone else if you appear to be a little bit flawed. “Being in love” is not some special thing that only happens for seemingly perfect people who always have it all together.

Falling in love kind of feels like having massive music ADHD: one minute you’re all acoustic-coffee shop emotional swooning over Bright Eyes and thinking about forehead kisses and prolonged eye contact, and the next you’re balls deep (mm, I’m romantic) in some smooth and sensual R&B that makes you wanna just naked wrestle your crush all night.

The stolen glances, the anticipated breathlessness on seeing them, the butterflies you feel when they touch you, the rush when they press their lips on your forehead, the fire when their body is pushed against yours.


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