When people say “let it go,” you assume they imply, “forget about it,” but they never tell you that you can’t forget a feeling, especially when they crop up without any prompt at all. It’s just a matter of dealing with them which you sometimes do in ways people won’t and can’t understand.

The word “love” is more often than not, associated with diamond rings, dreamy kisses, and Cupid’s notorious bow shooting around a myriad of fiery arrows. We see it on TV, we read about it in books—when two worlds collide and romantic feelings spring forth—and dub such as what “love” looks like.

I lost a friend today. Those five words in particular aren’t poignant by any means, I’ve lost count of those I’ve lost over the years, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I did not write this for me though. This has nothing to do with me or how I feel, because one less boy walks this earth today, and it was his choice.


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