“That’s categories,” my sister explained, “choose a category and we all have to say something that belongs under the category you said. No repeats.”

Aptly and unoriginally named “the year with the most change in my life” in my mind, there are many things I wish I would have done differently when I was 22; but I truly do value what I’ve learned from my stumbling. But just because I recognize the value doesn’t mean there aren’t some twinges of regret when I reflect on where I was a year ago. So here they are, the 6 things I regret most from my 365 days spent as a 22-year-old.

We give men a lot of shit for how much they focus on sex, and that undoubtedly has more than a few grains of truth to it, but it’s time to own up to the kind of chillingly graphic sex talk that occurs after a few drinks at a table full of women.


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