Feel it, every ounce of it. Remember that love is not something that you can save up an excess of and take out when you need some of it at a low moment in the dead of winter.

To say “I won’t date someone unless they are smart, kind, career-oriented, capable of compromise, and healthy” is far easier than to say “I won’t date someone until I am all of these things and more.”

Find somebody to love. No, not that guy. No, not that fool either. Look, it can’t be just anybody. This person needs to be someone who makes you want to puke and smile at the same time. They need to be able to show you something you’ve never seen before, uncover some secret about human beings and how they relate to each other that will make you feel like you’re a part of an exclusive club.

My cat liked my ex-husband more than she likes me. She misses him and she blames me for our divorce.  Blasting my kick ass music that my ex hated and never let me play does not sway her one bit. She communicated this by throwing up in my satin Badgley Mischka heels.