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Falling in love with a closeted guy is a catch-22. The love is passionate, true, and scandalous. You feel like you’re living in a movie. For the time you spend with him, it’s great. However, you slowly learn that love shouldn’t be hidden.

At American Girl Place, there’s a doll salon where you can get your American Girl doll a new hairstyle. If spending all day every day working with fake hair for bratty seven-year-old girls isn’t demoralizing, I don’t know what is. If I worked there, I’d shave all the dolls’ hair off and just call it “The Britney.”

The shrewdest, loudest, most violent lie that LGBT people at Christian colleges and universities carry is this: that no one else like them exists. More important, and more enduring than the stares and questions and assaulting prayers, are the stories of the 70 current students, and 130 alumni who contacted me to say they had the same kind of dreams I did.