Become convinced you know like, everything about the US government and spy agencies. Talk to others like you’re actually in the CIA yourself. Feel like you know national security secrets just from how realistic the show seems.

Thinking about killing myself is, basically, my national sport. You felt feeble at the end. You weren’t having fun. You’d been chafing under the weight of your foul persona since the 70′s and, when your body started to give out, it became too much. However, you had obligations; not least of which to a sad little 18 year old who drank himself to sleep for the first time the night you died.

I have received a mail suggesting I should marry the sender when we are single and something to do with that they would/wouldn’t wear bow ties, can’t find the mail. I regularly receive drunk mails from a friendly Scottish guy with an aggressive brand of humor. I have received a mail about how I destroyed someone’s life somehow…


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