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My wrinkles weren’t wrinkles anymore, they were smile lines, collections of experiences. I started to not only see the physical elements but also the energy that was inside. I saw myself in a new light. I saw me.

The fuel that runs this spirit, this soul, is not easy to understand. It is made of fire and it is made of water. It is made of the kind of darkness that will swallow entire stars.

Love her for all she is and for all she isn’t because she is a beautiful, wild thing and she is magnificent just the way she is. There is no one else like her, no one who can make you feel the way she does, and that is rare and beautiful in itself.

You know that delicate heart of yours, I know it has known suffering. But I saw it, I saw it as it looked sufferings in the eye and dared to survive them all and believe me, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. 

Let me tell you something before you begin to read this: you are not broken. You are a thing made of the toughest kind of platinum there ever is, there ever was and there ever will be. And let me tell you why. Because you are still here.