Amy Poehler

Broad City is a web series starring UCB alum, Abbi Jacobson, and Ilana Glazer. It is currently in development with FX. (Abbi, and Ilana will share the Executive Producer credit with none other than Amy Poehler.) A few weeks ago, we caught up with them to talk about everything from Jewnicorn to blog-to-book deals.

Last week, Jay-Z and Beyoncé welcomed their first daughter into the world. On January 7th, Beyoncé Knowles gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter, proving one thing and one thing for sure. I really need to get famous.

Do you ever wonder what technology we’re not going to understand when we become our parents age? Like, are our kids going to be coming home with cell phones the size of pennies that we won’t know how to operate? God, not getting “it” is sort of my worst fear. Watch me type “dad” when I’m 56 and too tired to make actual sense.

Last May, NBC’s Parks and Recreation ended its second season with a cliffhanger: Would the Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana fall victim to draconian budget cuts administered by state auditors Adam Scott (Party Down’s Ben Wyatt) and Chris Trager (Rob Lowe, in the sharpest ‘80s-icon stunt casting this side of Wynona Ryder’s turn in The Black Swan)?


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