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He came into my life when I was anxious for an unadorned, prepackaged New York moment…generally feeling desperate and waiting for my prince charming.

You see, I keep thinking of you everywhere I go, and your smell hangs around on the clothes I wear. (I can’t even tell you how much more intoxicating it becomes at night.) Your smell never fades; it burns inside me and seeps through my pores like lava.

An internal compass inside me spins. It scares me how fast it is going. And, frankly, I have never felt this dizzy since the day after I quit smoking.

Maybe they could see the pride shimmering off the edges of my cheekbones.

I came to realize that when you’ve served in the Peace Corps, the memories stay with you forever linked to past cognitive connections; constantly popping up in the moments you least expect them to.

It’s been raining all day. The mums are soggy and drenched in dampness; I notice them almost instantly as my face lands right next to the pot they’re in on my front porch.

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