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Sade Andria Zabala

Filipina mermaid. Author of WAR SONGS and Coffee & Cigarettes.

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To be honest I’m not quite sure if you were even looking at me or looking through me. I don’t know you that well after all. Maybe you just like to stare at empty spaces and mistook me for one.

I know I say being single is fine and that I’m fine, but on days like this when lovers are out kissing in public and all the T.V. ever plays are romance movies… I remember you.

I am empty beds. The safe bet. The road well-traveled.
I am spilt wine and sweaty dance floors.
I am the victim and the perpetrator.

In the Philippines beauty pageants are welcomed with enthusiastic fervor comparable to that of an Olympic competition. I will even venture to say Filipinos are obsessed with pageants and I don’t exaggerate.

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