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June 7, 2011

Girl Loses Her Mind After Watching Breaking Dawn Trailer

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So before we dive into this really sad albeit hysterical video of a fan reacting to the Breaking Dawn trailer, I’ll admit that I don’t get the whole fascination with Twilight. I saw the first two and watched half of the third (I walked out halfway through because I had eaten a pot brownie and shit was starting to get real weird), and I find the movies to be an overall snoozefest. The only redeeming qualities are Taylor Lautner’s beautiful body and watching Kirsten Stewart attempt to make a facial expression. Oh, and the fact that they’re totally gay. The men are treated like sex objects while the female characters are sort of homely and gross. I appreciate that. It’s a refreshing change from the usual male gaze in cinema. But other than being full of naked men, I find the whole franchise to just be scary propaganda. Sex is bad. Abstinence is good. These  harmful messages have resonated with people for a long time but to see them be played out in a wildly popular Young Adult series is sort of terrifying.

But whatever. The cheese obviously stands alone. Just watch this twister sister/Twihard react to the new Breaking Dawn trailer. TC mark

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