25 Of The Funniest Women You Should Be Following on Twitter

Nov. 4, 2013
You can follow me on Twitter or you can follow me in real life if you're in Louisville right now.

While Twitter is a fantastic way to get news, jokes, and gossip sent directly to your phone, it’s sometimes difficult to find new, funny people to follow. Don’t worry about aimlessly searching for hours, because here are 25 of the funniest women on Twitter. You should be following all of them. Your timeline will thank you.

1. Lisa Beth Johnson

2. Mae Whitman

3. Eireann Dolan

4. Vanessa Ramos

5. Robin McCauley

6. Mary Charlene

7. Nikki Glaser

8. Charlene deGuzman

9. Eliza Bayne

10. Caprice Crane

11. Nikki Walters

12. Sarah Thyre

13. Sarah Beattie

14. Gray Whittemore

15. Natalie

16. Julieanne Smolinski

17. Gloria Fallon

18. Amber Tozer

19. Debby Ryan

20. Lauren Ashley Bishop

21. Molly Davis

22. Jenny Johnson

23. Mae Eldeen

24. Liana Maeby

25. Megan Amram

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