October 28, 2013

The 24 Most Bizarre Dating Sites On The Internet

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Remember years ago when the only way to meet someone was by wandering up to a stranger in a bar or depending on your awful friends to set you up with their random coworker? Those days are long gone as the internet has become flooded with dating sites. I’m not even referring to the major sites that you constantly see on TV, I mean the oddly specific sites that you probably don’t even realize exist. After digging through depths of the web that I wish could be forever purged from my search history, here are the most bizarre dating sites out there.

1. Maybe this isn’t that weird of a site. Being a nudist is probably an odd passion to spring on a new boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s an awkward family dinner.


2. Are you an old man looking for a young girl? Congratulations, you’re the population of Los Angeles!


3. This is clearly a front by the NBA to produce giant children for the future of the sport.

Tall Friends

4. At least you know they’re dating you for who you are and not your bank account, right?

Wealthy Men

5. I’m glad they break it into groups because you know how toxic spill zombies never mesh with zombies caused from radioactive meteors.

Zombie Passions

6. Get out of my face.


7. After Orange is the New Black came out I bet this site nearly crashed with all the new traffic.

Women Behind Bars
Women Behind Bars

8. A dating site for little people. What if I’m not a little person but I want to date one? This is heightism!


9. If you like to dress up like cartoonish animals and would like to date someone else who shares that passion, this is for you. What if your parents met on this site?


10. This seems so oddly specific.

Sea Captain
Sea Captain Date

11. Are you looking for someone that’s pushy about marriage and will expect a proposal after the first set of private messages?


12. You may think this is silly, but imagine what happens when two farmers combine their crops into one glorious harvest.


13. You have to pass a photo screening before you’re even allowed to make a profile. My only question is why is there a lion hanging out in their living room?


14. This is for mustache lovers only. Does that include women with mustaches or just men? I need some clarification.

Mustache Passions
Stache Passions

15. I’m sure it’s difficult to be with someone who doesn’t have your allergy, but do you really want the basis of your relationship to be on your mutual allergic reactions to peanut butter?

Singles With Food Allergies

16. Oh cool, Twilight still won’t go away.

Vampire Passions

17. This site lets you post a picture of you and your partner then member vote which of you could do better in the relationship. The one who is decided to be dating down gets into the site. Seems like a great idea!


18. True love is never more pure than when it’s created over the mutual love of a terrible haircut.

Mullet Passions

19. This is great because if one of you isn’t interested in the date, the other one can give it a shot.

Exclusively Twins
Exclusively Twins

20. Do you like to play golf? Marry me!


21. I didn’t realize clowns don’t like to mingle with us non-painted faces. I see how it is, clowns.

Clown Dating
Clown Dating

22. Ah, true love indeed on I Would Bang You.

I Would Bang You
I Would Bang You

23. Probably the grossest dating site on the list, this one promises no uglies or fatties. How sweet!

Darwin Dating

24. Who changes who in this relationship?

Diaper Mates

TC Mark

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