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Richard Grayson, a retired lawyer and college professor, is the author of With Hitler in New York (1979), I Brake for ...

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Rita and Avis were stoned when I arrived; Jacob came soon after, and the two women freaked out after seeing each of us in a suit and tie – though my unconstructed jacket is more of an easy-going look. “We can get naked if you prefer,” I said.

We kissed and held each other for half an hour without speaking; sometimes that wordlessness can be so sexy. . . After about two hours of foreplay, I had an incredible orgasm. Then we just sat up in bed, naked, talking to each other about silly and important things.

Dennis Cooper sent me the book of Gerard Malanga’s that I ordered and wrote a nice letter. Dennis has got some poems coming out in Gaysweek and is doing a series of teen idol cards with pornographic vignettes on the back, all packaged up with gum in a special wrapper.

Ronna admitted that she is jealous of him even if he’s totally straight; she’s worried that I’m going to become Manhattan-trendy and start shooting heroin. She said she’s been wanting to ask me if I’m in love with him. “I am, a little,” I told her.

Wesley phoned this morning to say they had a meeting at Taplinger yesterday and they’ve decided to publish my book in the spring. “That means we’ve got to move fast,” he told me. I can barely believe it. When Wes first mentioned them having a meeting, I thought surely they’d decide not to do the book at all.

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