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Maybe she’s afraid you don’t actually mean what you’re saying. She’s heard tender words that turned out to be lies. She’s been promised futures that were shattered the next day. 

My eating disorder is unrelenting, terrible, and LOUD. It’s so loud that even if you want to hear truth and even if you want to break free, you cannot hear anything anyone is trying to tell you because you are drowning in the shrieks of its anger.

Despite this particular couple’s differences, the future’s uncertainty, and their experience with struggle, that was the most important thing to them; the love. Truthfully, that should be the most important thing to all couples. When the sun begins to shyly peak over the horizon in the timid hours of the morning, what, or rather who, gets you out of bed? If that’s not worth fighting for, then I don’t know what is.

Your whisper is like a ghost in my mind 
The subtle inflection haunting my brain 
Calling to me in the night
Each and every word dragging me back 
To the place I’m trying to escape

Know that love is the only thing real in this world. Rest is just an illusion. Don’t take such a thing for granted, because love is the foundation for the creation of this universe. It’s all those little things in them which the universe has taken time on, and delicately carved out in detail, appreciate them every time you notice them.

Hovering my soul inside me to let another explore,
And visit the corners of this temple I once bore,
Should I tear away my flesh or fill it with unknown colours,
The ones who visit this temple keep silent offerings, those tamed lovers.

Going for your big dreams allow you to learn from failure and success. What does it mean to fail and what can one do about it? Easy, you learn from it and you take it as a challenge to improve and do better next time. You therefore grow in character and in the skills you possess.

You start observing yourself observing them, their little scars or birthmarks exposed in peculiar spaces, the crinkles around their eyes and their mouths that form when they smile and their laughs that impersonates the explosion of galaxies. And these little things memorize themselves in your mind.

Your future is not tied to anyone who doesn’t think you’re great or someone who is not afraid of losing you. Your future is not tied to people who belittle you or make you feel small, it’s not tied to people who forget you.

He will remember that he was the one who ended it. That he was the one who tore it all apart. That he was the one who cared less. Who loved less. Who thought that that he needed to spread his wings some more. And he will remember the look on your face when he said, ‘it’s over’.

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