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These days I should know, should probably know, where it’s going.

We are living in a generation that is obsessed with finding happiness. The self-help industry is larger than ever, with people searching for more meaning and a better quality of life.

Her, remember to remind him that he is doing great. Remind him how much of an amazing human being he is. He sometimes forgets that he is absolutely spectacular. It is always important to know that he is a cartoon addict and that you will hear countless quotes throughout your conversations.

This time, you are not superficially passing by people’s life anymore. You make the conscious call on which bridges to build or which bridges to burn; decide that you are not obliged to burn out your own fire to light up someone else’s fire.

Ever since you first showed up, you have hardly ever given me the space to live fully, let alone breathe. No matter what I do, you follow me everywhere I go like a psycho stalker that lives inside my soul. I am tired of you, please go away. Haven’t you had enough?

Sometimes we blind ourselves with the idea of people we should be, the path we should take, to be the society-appropriate. But at the end of the day, ‘you’ should be the one who matters the most. How you felt, how deeply you loved, how fiercely you lived. And you should never apologize for that.

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