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i cannot stand the brush of a hand in accidental touch i move and arch away from the contact of a stranger i am a shadow of evasion and a dervish of space and room the lines of my world…

This morning, I posted a selfie. With the occasional glance at my like count, I continued to untangle my headphones and settle down for some good ol’ procrastinating.

Perfection is lame AF. Not only is it lame, but perfection is cliche. Perfection is un-original. Perfection is not funny, and not interesting. It’s overdone, boring, and mean. A virtual reality enhancement on snap-chat designed to make our cheekbones look more defined.

What we have is an energy. Not a unique one I might add, since we never reach exclusivity. Again, therein lies the comfort. Solely energy. Rawness and honesty. No future, only a past and for me, a procrastination of our present.

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