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Recognise that there are people in this world who are going to use your trauma, your heartache to control you in an argument, in a relationship, in your life, in moments when you are at your most fragile and vulnerable. This is how abusers work.

My journey is Heartbreak. Childhood Trauma. Iraq’s Warzone. Helplessness. Stigma. My journey is Bipolar Disorder. PTSD. And a fierce case of acute anxiety with a sprinkle of panic disorder on top. My journey is survival, finding hope, and sharing my experiences because the vibrations you create will be returned as an even greater echo.

True love never restricts. It’s the anchor to a ship, as much as it’s the wings to a bird. It’s the implicit trust that leaves no room for insecurities. It understands that sometimes separation is inevitable, and it patiently waits. It’s when the journey takes precedence over the destination.

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