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For now, we will cluster around the coffee table in our ridiculously themed costumes, play one more round Of Never Have I Ever, take one last swig of vodka and lemonade, and wish with all of our tipsy might that these nights will live forever.

Letting you go has been the hardest thing I’ve done in my life, because I never let go of things I love, unless they give me a reason to. Unless the heartache is much more than just tears.

Avoid the guy who makes you question yourself. The guy who makes you think you’re the problem. The guy who keeps you up at night wondering if he’s thinking about you, wondering if he misses you and wondering if he’ll call. Avoid the guy who makes you sleep with tears in your eyes.

Being alone in the unknown is never comfortable, and discomfort does things to us that ease and routine cannot. It pushes our buttons, forces us to confront ugly things we’d rather ignore, and teaches us about beauty and truth.

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