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And sometimes you drink a little and your eyes tell a different story. Your vulnerable voice tells me you hate this distance. Your body tells me you’re afraid of getting closer.

He won’t wait until everything is perfect or until he’s fully ready to commit. He will jump in with both feet because the thought of losing you makes him sick, the thought of you being with someone else terrifies him and the thought of him loving someone else drives him crazy.

Someday your pain will be the reason why you fought for your happiness, fought for a better life and fought for answers, for closure and asked for things you would have never asked for if you weren’t hurting.

I never know if I should you call an almost. Because that’s what you were, an almost lover, we almost made it but then I refer to almost as something of the past, something that is no longer in my life, something that I forgot about because it didn’t mean anything to me. But you weren’t an almost for me, you meant something. I was sure about you.

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