September 13, 2016

Fate Brought You Back Because Our Story Is Not Over Yet

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What is the issue?

It’s easy to think that some stories have ended, that some stories will never be reopened and that some stories have expired, only to find fate slowly bringing these stories back to your life asking for a sequel, asking for a different ending or maybe asking for another beginning.

Because unlike novels, the story of our life is written by the hands of God and only he can decide which stories end and which stories simply needed a break until they come to fruition.

And just like that, he brings old people back to your life so you can start over, he brings a lover back to your life because you’re both different people now and maybe this time a happy ending makes sense, maybe this time, the story doesn’t have to be a tragedy.

Maybe this time God is rooting for us. Maybe this time we’re right for each other.

Because God brought you other love stories that didn’t last and brought me other love stories that didn’t mean anything and then he decided to bring us both back in the same place under the umbrella of coincidence.

And I never believed in coincidences, I believe in fate connecting two people who desperately needed each other in the same place for an unknown purpose, or maybe forever.

As if God is telling us that I was rooting for you all along but you just had to figure it out on your own, as if God is telling us, I told you I was going to answer your prayers but I just needed you to be patient.

And maybe our story will end again but at least for now fate believes in you too — in us.

And maybe our story will end again but maybe this time we can try to write a better one, with a stronger plot and more poetic lines.

But we owe it to ourselves to try. We owe it to ourselves to respond to fate. We owe it to ourselves to listen to a universe that keeps pulling us closer together.

Because if fate brought you back to me, it means we are destined to be together, at least for a moment, at least for now.

And maybe forever is not our fate, but I am sure it will lead us to it.

And maybe our ending is not a happy one, but the beginning looks promising.

And maybe this time we should call it love instead of coincidence. TC mark

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