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July 11, 2016

When You Miss Me, Punch Yourself

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When you miss me, punch yourself.

For always being hesitant; about your future, about your plans, about me, about us and about yourself. Punch yourself because you’re a coward; a coward who doesn’t want to acknowledge his feelings and a coward who decided to give up before even trying.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For thinking I’d be okay with being the ‘in-between’ girl, for thinking I’d be another name on your list, for thinking I’d wait until you made sure there’s no one else better for you out there and for thinking that I wouldn’t know or understand the game you were playing.

When you miss me punch yourself so that you can finally understand how it feel to miss someone who doesn’t miss you.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For thinking that you can get away with anything because you’re used to, for thinking that everyone will follow your lead and your pace, for playing hard to get, for acting like you don’t care when you’re burning with desire. Punch yourself for not telling someone they matter or showing someone that you care when you had the chance. Punch yourself for taking yet another heart for granted.  

When you miss me, punch yourself.

For all the words you left unsaid, for all the texts you didn’t send, for all the calls you ignored, for all the questions you evaded, for all the conversations you didn’t want to have and for all the moments that you ruined when you weren’t fully present. Punch yourself for being so stingy with your heart and selfish with your feelings.

Punch yourself for always wanting to take much more than you’re willing to give.

When you miss me, punch yourself.

Because this time, I won’t respond to your text, I won’t listen to you talk about yourself, I won’t be there when you need me and I won’t sacrifice anymore for you. Punch yourself because I stopped caring. Punch yourself because you pushed me away.

When you miss me, punch yourself, because I finally stopped missing you. TC mark

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