12 Vodka-Inspired Haikus For Drinking Enthusiasts

“Gross! I stepped in puke!”

“That’s yours, don’t you remember?”

Ah… mistakes were made.

An aspiring writer who is attempting to have as many drunken adventures as possible in the meantime.


And it is so inexorably connected that it can cause palpable reactions in me, the kind of jumped-up sweat that should be reserved for when one realizes a bear is chasing them.

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Stress Is The New Black

Our culture is one that glorifies being busy.

This Is What It’s Like To Sleep With Your Best Friend

While he f*cks you, he calls you “baby” repeatedly. As a friend though, so don’t get any crazy ideas.

Sara is an aspiring rapper's wife who loves Batman, whiskey, crime dramas, hip-hop, and lists of unrelated nouns. She ...

15 Reasons Guys With Tattoos Are The Hottest

7. Tattoos are like maps on the body: you have built-in areas to kiss and play with when you have sex.

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