Watch What Happens When A Guy Asks 100 Guys Out Vs. When A Girl Asks 100 Girls Out

The takeaway: Girls are more willing to experiment than guys.

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Dear Corporate America, Can We Keep Our Scandals Down To One A Week, Please?

If you question the effect of all of these scandals and the level of ennui among the public, check the ratings of ESPN compared to CNBC. They’re going in opposite directions, and have been for years.

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Miley Cyrus, Eat Your Heart Out. Watch This Malaysian Student Sing “Wrecking Ball” And Crush It.

Bummed it’s not the weekend yet? Me too, but this video made it better.

Karam Singh Sethi PictureKaram Singh Sethi graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in International Relations and Economics in 2012. ...

The Unofficial History Of The Undertaker

For almost two and a half decades The Undertaker has been one of professional wrestling’s most popular and unique characters.

Thomas Green - Bio PhotoThomas is a writer, podcaster, and amateur American Gladiator. Check out his podcast Wrestlefolks.

7 Types Of People Girls Follow On Twitter

7. (At least one of) the Kardashians

Over-caffeinated burrito lover who understands that guacamole costs extra and, yes, she does still want it.
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