What Do Hipsters Stand For?

‘Why is our generation so proud of being useless pieces of sh*t?’

viva-bianca"Lets write a play, dress-up, make tickets and put it on for the parents!" I pretty much never stopped doing that. ...

12 Ways To Handle Success

Stunt on them haters. Invent haters, if you have to, then proceed to stunt on them.

Lev Novak is a writer for uCribs.com and prefers Biggie to Tupac. He likes Hamburgers, whiskey, and you, dear reader. ...

Is Modern-Day Feminism Just Another Celebration Of Masculinity?

Think about it: if women try to be like men and spend their lives trying to prove that they can do everything that men do, aren’t they just boosting men’s egos and thus giving them more power?

A caffeine addict with a poor prognosis. A dog person with a cat. A world traveler (at heart). In other words: ...

10 Things Everyone Secretly Wishes You’d Stop Doing On Facebook

If a picture says that if you share it with 30 friends you’ll be able to see your ex-girlfriend’s inbox, it’s a lie.

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21 People Talk About The Time They Heard Something Creepy Through Their Baby Monitor

So I basically learned that you shouldn’t get a baby monitor because people will screw with you and it will only end up with you fearing for your baby’s life and your mental health.

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