21 Stages Every Generic White Girl Goes Through On Halloween

You’ve been at the bar for a while now, and this ~*~Fun Ladies Night Halloween~*~ has fully metamorphosed into a race to get guys dressed up as either Darth Vader or Ken Bone to buy you as many cranberry vodkas as your bladder can handle. You’re starting to feel the burn from fake-smiling at the guy who is currently explaining to you how private equity firms work.

Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Can Effectively Shut Down Anxiety

Gemini: You’re convinced that if anyone sees the ‘other’ side of you – the one that is not lively, joy-filled, and bubbly every second of every day – that they won’t ever love you or want to spend time with you. This is causing you an intense amount of discomfort and stress for no reason at all. Stop bottling all of your feelings up and trust that you have enough good people in your life who just want you to be yourself, whoever that is today.