I Don’t Feel Bad About Hooking Up With Unavailable Men, But Don’t Blame Me For It

So, to all the spurned girlfriends out there, I’m sorry.

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10 Realizations You’ll Have As You Near The End Of College

2. Your body will no longer be able to handle the vicious rise, rage, repeat cycle you put it through during the first couple of years in college.

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To All The Girls That Have Been Hurt, You’ll Be Able To Forgive


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This Might Just Be The Best Infomercial Out There About Giant Hot Dogs

“Big hot dogs solve all the problems inherent to tiny hot dogs.”

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5 Reasons Your Number Actually Matters (Mainly If You’re A Woman)

No guy in the history of human existence has ever understated his number – we only inflate it.

I believe that the majority is always wrong and the minority is rarely right.
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