Because I Was Born Rich

Because I was born rich, I have known from an early age that the world is unequal and unfair.

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Cool Facts About Me

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate-chip, or mint chocolate-chip, or really anything at all except for pralines and cream, which I think I would only eat if I were truly desperate.

Adam J. Kurtz is a boring stupid jerk that nobody cares about. He claims to be a “graphic artist and media designer,” ...

19 Best Quotes From Kanye’s ‘New York Times’ Interview

“The idea of Kanye and vanity are like, synonymous.”

12 Things No One Told Me About Sex After Rape

Nobody tells you that your PTSD symptoms will be scoffed at. Your boundaries will be called “arbitrary” and you will be accused of “wielding sex as a weapon” and “putting yourself on a pedestal.”

CJ Hale is a high school teacher and proponent of speaking one's mind. Her work is featured under various pen names ...

It’s A Great Time To Be Not Famous

If you wanted to tell Frank Sinatra you thought he was a piece of garbage, you had to find him in person or write him a letter. Then someone who was not Frank Sinatra would read your letter and come to your home to beat you up. That’s how things worked.

Josh Gondelman is a writer and comedian who incubated in Boston before moving to New York City. His writing has been ...
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