A Practical Guide For What To Do When You Run Into Your Ex

Much like earthquakes or Voldemort attacks, running into your ex happens when you’re not expecting it.

Almie_AuthorphotoHi, I can't do 3rd person, it's too weird. I'm Almie. I also write for Hello Giggles my own blog, Apocalypstick. I ...

How To (Not) Handle An Interview, Or A Date

Hang up the dress in your bathroom, the wrinkles will unravel in shower steam. Read the morning’s news, and tell your friends you are nervous just so they will tell you there is no reason to be.


Classic Conservative Quotations, Translated

“The fact that Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S. is due to magic Caribbean winds.”

Jay Gabler is a writer and editor living in Minneapolis. He's a co-founder of The Tangential and creator of Unreality ...

How To Help A Friend Who’s Going Crazy

I can remember a time when I was lost. I wasn’t there. I had sunk into heavy drug use as a way to cope and if I hadn’t outright insulted my closest friends, I had alienated them.

Michael Hedrick is a writer and photographer in Boulder, CO. His work has appeared in Salon, The Week, Scientific ...

So, Your Boyfriend’s Fat. Now What?

We’ve all been there. A year into your relationship, your boyfriend has gotten oh-so-comfortable, at the expense of his figure. Frankly, I think it’s unfair.

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