Don’t Run From Who You Are: Writing Advice From George Saunders & Cheryl Strayed

You can’t run from who you are. Not your brain, not your inclinations, or your experience.

Wes lives in San Francisco, where he can be found writing at Starbucks, ordering girly drinks at bars, and getting ...

This Is The Hardest Part Of Breaking Up

At the very least, you are a lost sock. He will look for you in various nooks and crannies for an indeterminate amount of time. He will wrack his brain, struggling to think of the last place he left you.
It will be a mild annoyance.

Devon Oyler is a 21-year-old aspiring Everything from Las Vegas, Nevada. She hopes you will smile at a stranger today.

7 Reasons Why I Can’t Take My Mother Seriously Anymore

I know you had a brain tumor as a child, and I’m sorry for that. Now that I’m older, I recognize that a lot of your abilities and actions have been influenced by that incident.

I am a student, teacher, writer, and learner. I love to write and blog as a way to share my experiences and emotions ...

8 Lessons From My First Relationship

Instead of doubting someone’s love, it is important to accept it, yet not rely on it.

Stupid Questions You’re Asked At Every Age, 1-40

“Do you know what you’re doing after college?”

Jay Gabler is a writer and editor living in Minneapolis. He's a co-founder of The Tangential and creator of Unreality ...
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