Read Now! Don’t Stop!

It’s kinda sad when I think about how I have included reading books into my to do list before I turn 35.

Late bloomer, always unfashionably late to the party. (I get a sense most the of writers are in their blushing 20s...)

Short Thoughts On Working In The Fashion Industry

In the morning as I had my cup of coffee, I was wowed over by the beauty of words, as I have posted previously.

I am a combination of qualities from people met throughout my life. I write in view of the world through an ...

10 Commandments For The Man Seeking Sexual Salvation

We are all well aware of the many bedroom errors that Man is guilty of committing in the sack, and I frequently like to use these to my advantage and post them all over the internet, for comic value.

Sex blogger extraordinare/incredibly bored graduate. I try to aid in the promotion of sexually liberated women, ...

5 Types Of Men You Can Pick Up At Bars

This guy is very obvious from the beginning.

Jade is an Australian writer based in Berlin. She enjoys spending long nights in bed with her favourite men, such as ...

Asking Yourself Why

Yet here I am, months into this life I had dreamed about and I’m left feeling considerably dissatisfied.

I'm Lara. I'm 22 and think entirely too much then write about it. I currently reside in Indianapolis but spend at ...
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