The Girl You Thought Was Perfect

Her eyes are made up too. Big eyes, dark lips. You watch her flip her short hair. Everything about her is small, you decide – she’s her hair, her skirt. She’s short. Petite. Eventually you hear her voice. She speaks too loudly, she swears far too much. You’re intrigued. You walk over.

This Is How We’ll Fall In Love

It will just be like any other day. I’d be going on with my own business as you’d go on with yours. We’d both be busy focusing on our own lives, being our candid effortless selves that we don’t realize something magical is about to happen.

This Is What A Modern Woman Looks Like

Though self-reflection is natural after ending any relationship, this one helped me realize that I am a modern girl who is proud of her intellect, who will always ask questions, and who can drink a bourbon without the approval of a man.