How To Think Like A Freshman And Make Your Dreams Come True

This is not Your Life. It’s just life. Not really yours. Stop thinking you can control things and make everything just so and accept that this will end, the leaves will get brown and fall, and you’ll step on them and get the flecks on your feet.

headshot2Harris Sockel is still alive. He was reared in suburban Philadelphia, went to college in suburban Chicago, and ...

21 Swingers on ‘What’s It Like To Be A Swinger?

“It’s freeing to be able to experiment with sex without having to be single.”

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The Song I Sing

We go to parties and laugh when we get home, falling on top of each other with a rawness we love.

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Growing Food In Space: It’s Not So Science Fiction Anymore

They brought you freeze-dried beverages, irradiated meat, rehydratable and thermostabilized foods, and now, NASA has developed the technique to grow food in space.

A Facebook Addict’s Confession

I’ve made so many facebook posts, I’m sure all of my friends have hidden me by now.  I’m that terrible person who clogs up your news feed and changes their profile picture incessantly. 

11011_SarahPeck_Portait Close-colorSarah Kathleen Peck writes at, where she writes about psychology, philosophy, motivation, and making ...
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