5 Questions I Have About Going To Church In A Bar

Music Pastor John Voelz at Westwinds Community Church was the one to come up with the idea.

kotyKoty Neelis is a writer for Portable.tv, Matador Network, MasterCard, and more. She writes about all things travel ...

17 Truly Awful Literary Characters You Love To Hate

Dolores Umbridge from “Harry Potter.”

1003782_10100505675354817_1550901933_nNico Lang is a former producer at Thought Catalog, as well as the former correspondent and blogger for WBEZ ...

Miley Cyrus Invented Jazz, Discovered Pizza And Wrote The Better Seasons Of ‘The Wire’

Often called “The Fifth Ramone,” Miley Cyrus bought Dee Dee his first drum kit and Joey his first bag of glue.

This Is Why We Lose Love And Why We Shouldn’t

We have come full circle.

IMG_0770Raised in a log cabin, living in Utah but mainly in the moment. Brutally candid themed writing about observations and ...

Horses Ruled As ‘Inherently Vicious’ Creatures, Werewolves Insulted

Better just fence off the whole world and declare it inherently hostile


I am looking for submissions from writers on politics, culture, and world events who are able to do analysis, form ...

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