We Need To Talk, But We Can’t Talk About It Right Now

Seriously, let’s not even start. Let’s complain how late it is, how tired we are, how hard it is to find parking at 2:47 a.m. on a Thursday. Friday, actually.

San Francisco-based writer, wine nut, dog person, happy traveler, mediocre cook, and generally misguided 20-something.

Today And Not Tomorrow: An Open Letter To My Fellow Youth

Because you are young, you can charge ahead with reckless abandon.

Gian Verano is a freelance journalist and marketing copywriter based in Toronto, Canada. He's an avid fan of J-pop, ...

Death’s Silver Lining

The darkness and destruction and sadness of death hides it.

Danielle is a twentysomething born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska, currently residing in Seattle, Washington. She ...

Call For Submissions: I Cheated In A One Night Stand… And Then Found Out He Was My Boyfriend’s Coworker

Have you ever cheated and regretted it all the more so because afterward you just kept on running into him — at the coffee shop, in class, at parties?

Leaving The Crowd Behind

The band jumped into their next song — an upbeat number — and that’s when they arrived.

Having just graduated from UCLA with a degree in communication studies, I am more than excited to be involved with ...
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