Inner Monologue Of A Manchild With A High-Paying Job

The thing is though is that I’m 25, and I have enough money to buy any piece of Ikea furniture I want or any of the sweet gaming chairs that vibrate all crazy when you get shot and I can even order pizza — hell, three pizzas — whenever I feel like it because I’m absolutely killing it every day.

Cody Delistraty is a writer who lives in Paris and New York. Follow him on Twitter.

I Wrote A Popular Blog About My Affair, So My Boyfriend Is Truly Going To Be The Last To Know

I will not be disclosing my name or where I wrote it, for obvious reasons… so please don’t ask.

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What Paris Hilton Says About Our Culture Of Slut-Shaming

The more we shame her, the bigger she gets. At this rate, she’ll be the biggest “slut” we’ve ever seen.

1003782_10100505675354817_1550901933_nNico Lang is a former producer at Thought Catalog, as well as the former correspondent and blogger for WBEZ ...

In Which I Meet An OkCupid Dom

After I began clawing at his leg he let up, asking, “why do you deserve pleasure?”

Detroit Has Whole Foods Now, Is Where 20-Somethings Can Move To Stop Complaining

Here’s some advice for all of the post-graduates who “don’t know what they’re doing with their lives,” why don’t you move to Detroit and buy a Victorian mansion for five hundred dollars?

karacrabbOne time I gargled my own urine to see if the ammonia would whiten my teeth (it didn't) but now I'm going back to ...
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