This Kick-Ass Letter From A Father To His Bigoted Daughter Will Make You Believe In Humanity Today

If there were a Best Grandfather of All-Time award, this guy would totally win.

1003782_10100505675354817_1550901933_nNico Lang is a former producer at Thought Catalog, as well as the former correspondent and blogger for WBEZ ...

Deleting Ourselves: New Law Allows Teens To Erase Their Digital Footprint

What effect does the ability to “erase your mistakes” on the internet have on your behavior?

Tyler lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, which is important for some reason but she can’t remember why. She is a ...

21 People Convicted of Pedophilia, Murder And Rape Share Their Disturbing Stories

I killed a man named Frank in 1987. He was a hitchhiker that I picked up in Utah.

4 Places That Should Enforce Child-free Zones

I understand you wanted to see a film so badly you were brave enough to come on opening night to an R-rated movie with your grumpy offspring because you failed to find a sitter.

kotyKoty Neelis is a writer for, Matador Network, MasterCard, and more. She writes about all things travel ...

Happy Birthday; Nobody Loves You

You may not know this yet, but you don’t want me. And if you don’t know this yet, then please figure it out right now.

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