The Only Way To Survive As A Millennial College Grad Is To Respect Yourself

Then we get into a good college, study hard, pick up a few internships, maybe travel a bit. But now…. What now?

Le Huy Nguyen Tran calls two places home: Oakland, California, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When he is not ...

21 Awesome Things That Are Way Better When You Do Them Alone

Working out, because you don’t need a bunch of randos around you to throw off your swag by judging the way you improperly use the stair machine. An empty gym is one of god’s little gifts to sweaty people who are trying to get into shape but aren’t so good at it yet.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.08.32 AMChelsea Fagan is a writer living in New York City. Want your articles on Thought Catalog? Send it here as a word ...

5 Reasons Why I Fear Jumanji More Than The Zombie Apocalypse

In the modern era of pop culture, we happen to be obsessed with the notion of a zombie apocalypse. The concept of the undead terrorizing people has been something that has gripped human legend for ages but only recently have we associated zombies with our impending doom on a global scale.

Wedding Invitations: I Would Rather RSVP To Slave Labor Camp

I will not do anything that involves a diaper. Is this BYOB? Because I’ll be bringing vodka. Are you seriously giving your child that name? Sunday afternoon at 2 pm? But that’s my nap time. So, still not a good time to mention that your husband is an asshole?

Hannah is a twenty-eight-year-old attorney and professional bridesmaid. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky where she ...

Burning Man: 4/5 Stars, Would Go Again

I don’t know if it was my own energy or the festival’s, in 2012—perhaps a combination of both—but it took a second visit to Burning Man for me to know the magic of it: emergence.

Clarisse Thorn writes and speaks about sexuality, subcultures, and media. She enjoys writing books, with titles ...
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