Like Atoms, Our Relationship Was Mostly Just Space

I could feel the space between us, even though you were breathing next to me.

5 Signs You Are Most Definitely A College Senior

2. People Say “Hi” To Each Other Again

Allie is a senior at Harvard University completing her degree in Human Evolutionary Biology and Mind, Brain, ...

The Alpha Female’s 10-Step Guide To Unemployment

During unemployment the alpha female in us all needs to take a deep breath. Joblessness happens to everyone. Kicking and screaming and hating yourself through it doesn’t make it any shorter — it just makes you dumber.

She writes, plays basketball and makes mix CDs with her boyfriend and daughter. You can see how she doesn’t blog at ...

This Year, I’m Dressing My Kids Up As Sluts For Halloween

Also, quick question: who put the pedophiles in charge of designing children’s costumes? Because they’re doing an awesome job.

25 Things You Need To Know About Georgia

24. We pronounce it “Atlanna”.

Running one of the largest media outlets in the state of Georgia. Specializing in brand marketing, promotion and ...
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