How To Talk To Gay People (A Gentle, Gentle Intro For The Oversensitive Liberal)

We’ll never learn from each other if we can’t speak without fear we’ll be attacked for saying a word that, for some unspecified reason, at some unspecified time, and from some unspecified arbitrator, was decided unfashionable.

547912_10101412295535230_924181249_nMichael lives in San Francisco where he writes, daydreams, and winds up on the Simulated Reality Wikipedia page far ...

Dots Are The WORST Candy In The World

An unsuspecting person tricked into eating Dots might pick up a red Dot and think, “Oh, yum, strawberry!” only to put it in their mouth and taste DESPAIR.


Courage, Vulnerability, And Just Being Human

Love is potent, to be used carefully and wisely and only in the right doses and at the right time.

Alexa is a recent graduate in Biology residing in the nation's capital. She enjoys writing, taking pictures, and ...

6 Big Boob Problems

Sometimes with great power comes great responsibility.

Traveling event planner, Writes about life, love, and the hot mess happenings of a 20-something. To view her ...

The Joys Of Silence

The problem with so much sound is that it is undoubtedly accompanied by a lot of other things: stuff, things to look at, things that can’t be looked away from. I add sound to the sound in attempt to block out the sound, which of course doesn’t work. Instead it just splices my attention further.

Liz is a writer based in New York City. She has written for The San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, Pitchfork, New York ...
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