What It Feels Like To Have Your Heart Break

You try, and you try, and you try, and you try. But sometimes, love is not enough. You don’t understand. You don’t know what to do.

photo.png1Bacon, burgers, beer, bulldogs.

10 Texts You’d Send To Your Ex (If You Were Honest)

“Has anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Mr. Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants? Only when you squint and make that face — the one I really hate.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.18.10 PMStephanie Karina is Canadian, but she lives in Atlanta. Leave her comments or Tweet her at @fangs17.

You Shouldn’t Fear Commitment

We neglect that we are one, an entity.

alexisnew13Aspiring on-air personality. Has been writing since the first grade. Thrives on knowledge and experience. May someday ...

Save Your Apology For Someone Who Believes It

I may not be with anyone, but I’ve got enough self-respect to know that I deserve someone who values me. I don’t deserve someone that treats me so appallingly, and neither does she.

Katie is a third-year marketing student at The University of South Carolina, where she spends her free time reading ...

Watch: Exclusive Teaser Trailers For Season 4 Of FXX’s ‘Wilfred’ Have Arrived

For three seasons we’ve laughed and cringed while watching the story of a man and a dog. As any fan of Wilfred knows, this isn’t your typical dog and this definitely isn’t your typical story

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