I Was Kicked Off The Stairs By An MTA Employee

“Look, I can’t let you just hang out here. OK, you either have to up the stairs, or you have to go down the stairs, but you can’t just stand here on the stairs.”

pic_bioRob Gunther is a writer and blogger living in Astoria, Queens. One time his friend Luc challenged him to eat thirty ...

Why You Need To Understand The American Civil War

It must be weird to be from Germany today, knowing what your country did in the recent past. Well, this is not that different.


Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man

Like many women, she would frequently demand to know where the “good guys” were, because in her mind, she really believed she deserved better than what she had.

izOUx2L9Kilmister resides in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a contributing writer for ReturnofKings.com.

10 Movies Renamed By Alfred “The Man” Hitchcock

The master of all filmmakers.

Matthew Leeb lives in New York writing about things he sees and, at times, dislikes. Actually, it's majoritively ...

11 Words That Will Make You Sound Super Freaking Smart

Impress your friends!

Madisonmadison moore is a staff writer at Thought Catalog. feel free to email him at: madison@thoughtcatalog.com. Follow him ...
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